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Our buddy "The Torg" filmed a documentary including footage from The Morel Festival 2013

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Simply Music, Simply Mushrooms

The Morel Festival-Brown County, Indiana

April  25th-April 27th, 2014

The simply music simply mushrooms morel festival is the very first of it's kind, anywhere in the world. It's a 3 day morel festival, and a music festival. The Morel Festival is a very family friendly event & we encourage you to bring the entire family. As always, children 12 & under are FREE to the festival & we have lots of kids activities lined up for the weekend.

We celebrate the elusive morel mushroom, while jamming to some of the finest bands and musicians around, at the world famous Bill Monroe Bluegrass park and campground in Brown County, Indiana. For camping on site, please go to
www.beanblossom.us to make your reservations. This is going to be a great event, and quite possibly one of the largest gatherings of morel mushroom hunters ever!!! There will be several morel based vendors, including apparel,equipment, and supplies. The education provided at the morel festival will be second to none. We have experts in several fields coming to give you insight on morel habitats, tree identification, signs to point you to morels, and many more. Hunting morels for many is a long time family tradition, and we encourage the entire family to come out and spend the weekend gaining knowledge, and insight into finding the elusive morel mushroom. We will also have classes on hunting morels that will be geared for children, to train up the next generation of morel experts.

Brown County, Indiana is well known throughout the Morel Mushroom hunting community for its wealth of public land and easy access. Brown County is located in south-central Indiana, conveniently between Columbus & Bloomington.  

The 2013 Morel Festival in Brown County was a HUGE success! With over 1,000 morel hunters from all across the country, we had a great time learning from one another & sharing our knowledge and stories of the great Morel Mushroom.

Morel mushrooms (morchella) are more than just a fungus, or another mushroom, they're an addiction! Morel Hunters have been known to pull off the side of the road in the middle of traffic & jump out of their cars running to the woods...so you could say it's a dangerous sport! Morels also cause folks to have "visions" just before the season begins of finding the mother load!


 Morels have also started many family traditions. Many folks that we know have hunted with their families for generations. This is why we have made the morel festival to be a family oriented festival. But no matter how close you may be to uncle Joe, It's a well known fact, that no one will ever give up their "spot" so don't ask :)   


We'd love for you and your family to come and join us on April 25-27th, 2014 for the second annual Morel Festival!

The Morel Festival will always keep alive the memory of Brown County Supershroomer- Neil "Da Ref" Cox!

Our good friend Ricky Cox & the Cox Brothers put together this awesome video for the 2013 Morel Festival.