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The Cabin Fever Concert for 2015 is going to be a BLAST!!! We are welcoming a line up of super talented musicians & artists including The World Famous super group from Austin, Texas "The Possum Posse". You may know them from a little you tube video they did called - "Guy on a Buffalo". These guys love music of all kinds & will put on a super entertaining show.

Also Joining us will be Some of THE finest musicians to ever assemble themselves together in the Hills of Brown County, Indiana- The White Lightning Boys. They embrace the feel of what it truly means to be in Brown County. If you've never heard the WLB's perform, get ready to have your mind blown, because you are in for a treat!

Folk Singer & Songwriter "Chicago Farmer" will join in as well. He is one of the greatest singer/ songwriters of our generation, and has drawn comparisons to the legendary John Prine,

Steve Earle, & even Bob Dylan!

Outrageously talented 16 year old Haley Jonay will also be performing at the Cabin Fever Concert. Her  recently released, Self titled debut album is flying off of the shelves & she is gaining national notoriety as both an awesome singer & a songwriter. (This will probably be the last time that you will get to hear this girl sing in a venue this small!)

Our good pals "The Indiana Boys" Will cap off the night across the street from the concert, at the official after show party at The Pine Room from 12pm until ????. These guys are just plain awesome! 

Get tickets for Cabin Fever HERE.

The Possum Posse "Guy on a Buffalo"

White Lightning Boys- "Gin & juice"

Chicago Farmer-

"Song For Dad"

Haley Jonay-

Out of the Woods